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Rosters, Tournament & Practice Schedule

Jump Street 2020 Thompson Feb 22 (xls)


Jump Street 2020 Audette Mar 1 (xls)


Jump Street 2020 Schedule Sixth Feb 21 (xls)


Team Vision

We Are Here To Inspire

Impact someone in your life today

No matter how large or small

Smile is a contagious way

Providing a different message to all

Imagine your actions changing the tone

Repeating throughout the world

Excite, then inspire for all those feeling alone

A Tradition of Team Spirit


It’s about moments of brilliance

To dribble, shoot and score

There was something quite special

Each time they take the floor.

They learned that the game 

Was about science and about art

It’s about more than being athletic

It’s about playing the game smart.

Their journey of success

Is now filled with the desire to achieve

That you can be the best player

When you simply believe.

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